9 Must Have Green Wedding Apps

When planning your wedding, you probably already have a lot on your plate.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some apps to make it easier?

Here are 9 apps perfect to assist you in planning your environmentally friendly wedding:

Seafood Watch


Chicken or fish? If fish is one of your dish options, consider downloading this app to help you find the most sustainable fish on the market.  Clean and simple to use, this app was designed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium who are leaders in marine life research. It’s aim is to help consumers and businesses choose seafood that’s fished or farmed in ways that protect sea life and habitats, now and for future generations. You can search by your location or by type of fish. Fish are labeled by a colored fish icon to let you know if they are the “Best Choice” (green), “Good Alternative” (yellow), or “Avoid” (red).

Think Dirty


Our beauty products are made with so many different chemicals and ingredients it’s hard to sort out which ones are not only good for you but good for the environment as well.  That’s where Think Dirty comes in.  This comprehensive app has a large database of just shy of 1 million different products. Each product has a color coded rating and break down of ingredients so you know exactly what is in it. The barcode scanner makes looking up items a snap.  This app is a must have for daily use, but also beneficial when it comes to hair care and make up choices for your big day.

My Garden


Admittedly, I do not have a green thumb.  I am great with animals, but plants are still an area I am working on.  That is why I love this app and put it on my must have list! By easily letting you narrow down what kind of plants you are looking for with categories such as “Keep It Simple”, “Indoorsy Plants” and “Plants I Can’t Kill”,  My Garden helps you find sustainable flower and plant options for your wedding and for your life!

Palm Oil Shopping Guide


Palm oil farms in southeast Asia is one of the leading causes of devastating population loss in several endangered species including Orangutans and certain subspecies of tiger, such as the Malayan tiger who is estimated to have less than 300 left in the world. From snack foods to beauty care products, palm oil is found in a lot of items you may have or use for your wedding.  But not all palm oil is bad. Thanks to the research team at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, if any of the products you use contain palm oil, this app will let you know if it is sustainable or not.  To learn more about the effects of the palm oil industry click HERE.

Green Globe

The expedia but for green travel, this app helps you find hotels, tourism resorts attractions, and tour expeditions around the world that meet Green Globe’s 40 criteria to be considered sustainable.  This a great way to get the ball rolling when planning your honeymoon, or to find local accommodations for your wedding guests.   The database for this app continues to grow and includes destinations at over 75 countries.



Pretty much every modern couple planning their wedding has used etsy for at least one item in their wedding.  CRUNCHY TIP: you can adjust your search filters to only show products sold from shops in your home country. You can even further narrow the search by filtering it to shops within your state or town. To do this, simple go to “Filter”, then “Shop Location”. This will help greatly reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating products that might be shipped from overseas.

The Knot


Need help finding vendors for your wedding? The knot has an app for that! Being one of the leaders in the wedding industry, it only makes sense that they have an app to help make your wedding planning easier for the couples on the go. Search and easily contact vendors, keep track of your guest list, and check items off their suggested wedding to-do list. Additionally, if you created a wedding website through the knot, the app will also allow you to edit your website from your phone (though admittedly, it is much easier to edit your website using your laptop than the knot app).  This app pretty much has it all.

Zola Weddings


If you haven’t decided on who to use as your wedding website host, I recommend Zola primarily because of how integrated and easy their app is to use.  Zola is also great because of their extensive registry, including the ability to establish a honeymoon fund.


Pinterest is a great source for inspiration not just with planning your wedding vision, but with tips on how to live a more sustainable life.  A word of caution: like many forms of social media, the images on Pinterest often appear to reflect an almost unachievable perfection.  Remember that these images do not always reflect the reality (google search “pinterest fail” to get the idea).  However, it can still be a great guide for wedding planning and certainly more environmentally friendly than buying every issue of bridal magazines on the rack at your grocery store.

Honorable Mentions:


There is no end to great edutainment podcasts covering all your eco-friendly and wedding planning life needs.  Tip top of my list however would be the podcast Bridechilla. With over 300 episodes, this podcast has it all. The host Aleisha brings the fun while helping keep you sane.  10/10 recommend downloading it now.


This music streaming app has been my best friend when helping me pick out songs for the wedding.  It is free to download, but I recommend subscribing to help you easily customize your desired playlist and so you can listen to your favorite songs without using up all your cellular data.


Got a must have wedding app that we forgot on our list? Comment below!

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