Favorable Favors

Favors are one of those areas where as a couple you get a chance to add a personalized touch. It is also one of the easiest parts of wedding planning to make more eco-friendly.

CRUNCHY TIP: Take a moment to think about your favors and whether or not your guests will actually use them. The less waste, the better for the environment. The best favors are ones guests will use again and not stuff in a junk drawer.


The latest trend in wedding favors is one that I am all about jumping on board with: Donations!  In lieu of physical favors, couples are opting towards donating money to a charity in their guests honor.  This is a great way to give back to a cause that you care deeply about as well as reflect you as a couple.  Looking for Crunchy organizations to donate to? Consider planting trees through the Arbor Day Foundation.  If you are an animal lover, World Wildlife Foundation is a great non-profit dedicated to wildlife conservation.  Or you can honor your fur-baby by donating to a local no-kill animal shelter. There are many worthy charities out there, you will have no problem finding one that speaks to you as a couple. Worried about grumpy guests disappointed they didn’t get a physical favor? Don’t! They got a free meal and entertainment, what more do they need?


Favors with a purpose! Why not use something your guests will need at your wedding and make it their favor, thus reducing waste. Some great examples of this include providing guest with their own cups/mugs they can take home with them.  Have paint pens handy so people can add their names or decorate their glasses to avoid mix-ups.  Add to the eco-friendly vibe by providing guests with their own reusable straws. This cuts down on the use of plastic disposable straws both at your wedding and in their daily lives.


Food is love! Everyone loves favors they can eat and there are so many options you can do with this: candy bar, pie bar, s’more bar, cookie bar… you can literally turn almost anything into a bar.  This is also a great opportunity to add those personalized touches to the takeout bags.  If possible, reduce the amount of packaging used for the display of food. Opt for paper bags made of recycled materials over plastic wrap.


Let love grow! Another trend is incorporating your love of gardening into your favors. This is another great way to inspire your guests to add a little more green in their lives. Tiny potted plants such as succulents are a popular choice for their easy care and can double as table decor or place makers. Another great option would be to have seed packets with custom labels, maybe in your favorite flower/herb or it can be a random assortment.



  • With physical favors, don’t over buy! Many guests will forget to take them home. This is another reason why it is good to be mindful of what your favors are, because odds are you will end up with a stockpile of them at the end of the wedding.
  • Avoid over-packaged items. Even when it comes to candy in bulk, opt for unwrapped candies such as m&ms over individually wrapped items such as hershey’s kisses.
  • If doing a sweets bar with takeaway bags, check with your venue to make sure this is allowed.  Some venues may have rules against takeout boxes/bags due to USDA regulations.
  • Do not under any circumstances give out live animals such as goldfish.  This is asking your guests to take on a responsibility they may not want to undertake and is cruel to the goldfish left behind.


Have a crunchy favor suggestion? Leave it in the comments below!

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