Why We Decided to Go Green

From the moment we started planning our wedding, one thing became very obvious: there is a lot of waste that get generated at these events! Personalized knick knacks, save the date magnets, outfits you only wear once, disposable items everywhere! With over 2 million weddings each year in the United States alone, that is a lot of unnecessary junk winding up in our landfills. This is essentially throwing your money right into the garbage. So, we decided at each step of the way we were going to try to opt for the greener choices.


This is also very reflective of our personal lifestyle.  We are not the kind of couple you would look at and automatically think we are hippies. However, we try to be very mindful of the waste we are generating, cut out the things we don’t need and try to recycle the rest. Making sure our wedding day has a small carbon footprint and produces as little waste as possible is important to us because this is how we try to live our everyday lives.

Now if I am being quite frank, the greenest option for a wedding would have been to go to the local courthouse. No frills, just the good old legal way.  However, my fiance and I have been together for 10 years and we wanted to celebrate this occasion with our friends and family.  We wanted the “big party” but with a low environmental impact.  So we began to find big and little ways to make our wedding green.  Additionally, this also means our choices will have a larger reach to our guests and hopefully inspire them to think twice about some of their every day choices, such as using plastic straws.

We are also finding great ways to use our wedding to give back to causes we care about. The Knot allows us to link our registry through a charity we like, so when our guests buy items off the registry, a portion of the money will be donated to that charity.  Amazon also has a similar program titled AmazonSmile, which you could use for your registry or every day purchases and give back to a cause you care about.    pexels-photo-255441.jpeg

There are plenty of eco-friendly options out there for any style of wedding you would like to have. Whatever your motivating factors may be, hopefully this blog will provide you with some inspiration and ideas of ways to make your special day environmentally friendly.

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